14 RooR Banger Quartz Nail Female

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  • Use: The female joint of the corresponding joint size fits onto all pipes and/or down-tubes with a male joint.

  • Style: Banger

  • Type: Dome-less Dab Accessory

  • Features: Stronger w/ Faster Heating Times, Better Flavor


The optimal material for an application with concentrates: Silicon dioxide (SiO2), also known as silica, or quartz glass! The quartz nails made of the purest Silicon dioxide stand out due to their incredible high temperature change resistance which is fundamental in this area of application. From room temperature to blistering hot within a few seconds: this material withstands these extreme demands without any problems.

The manufacture of products made of pure quartz glass requires special glass torches and, additionally, qualified production techniques are needed to handle this raw material which is more cost-intensive than borosilicate glass. Hence, the production is more time-consuming and costly but the quartz nail stands out as an especially precious and sophisticated accessory.

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