7 ml Glass Jars with Lids

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  • Our 7ml Glass Jars are made with high quality thick glass and they are flame polish finish.
  • Black smooth edge lids look aesthetically pleasing and they have foam liner to seal tight.
  • Wide mouth and straight walls allow more space to work with your products.
  • Perfect for storing; Lip balms, Concentrates, Make-up, Cosmetics, Paint, Eye Creams, Jewelry and more!

Product description

Case of 90 7ml Glass Jars with Black smooth edge Lids. Jar features a Low Profile, Wide mouth, straight walls making it one of the best looking Jars out. Commonly used as Glass LIP BALM CONTAINERS, CONCENTRATE CONTAINERS, MAKE-UP CONTAINERS, COSMETIC JARS, GLASS TRAVEL JARS, ORGANIZING HERBS AND SPICES, ENCASING JEWELRY AND, AS REFILLABLE EYE CREAM JARS.

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