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1.Grade: BIO-5
2.Filtration Speed: Slow
  • Equivalent Grade 5: Pore size 2.5μm, slow flow rate, particle retention capacity is finer than No. 41 filter paper and No. 6 filter paper.
  • The most efficient qualitative filter paper.
  • Cellulose filter paper is made of high-quality cotton fibers.
  • A variety of filter papers with different flow rates are available to meet the needs of a wide range of laboratory users.
  • HAWACH 2.5 micron filter paper has advanced production experience and technology, and papermaking skills have reached a very high level, has a wide range of filter paper production lines
  • And each No. 5 filter paper has its own unique characteristics so that customers can choose the most optimized filter paper according to their filtration requirements.
  • The highest quality natural materials are used to ensure consistently high quality, reproducibility, and uniformity of every filter paper produced.
  • Each 2.5 micron filter paper is rigorously tested before leaving the factory, including weight, thickness, gas flow rate, and mechanical strength.
3.Pore ​​sizes: 2.5μm

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