04 Quartz Banger 90 Male 10 mm



The 10mm GRAV Male Banger is compatible with any 10mm female joinThe 10mm GRAV Male Banger is compatible with any 10mm female joint and made of heat-tolerant quartz. Its flat dish is designed for vaporizing plant extract, and its 90° angled neck is best paired with straight-based water pipes. This pack includes five bangers.

Angled Bangers

Angle cut bangers are pretty new to the scene, and the angle of the cut is said to aid in airflow, offering better vapor circulation. This is still not as popular as flat top bangers but may offer some unique benefits.

Bucket Bangers

A bucket banger, sometimes referred to simply as a banger, is a type of dab nail that has a bucket-like shape, hence its name. While traditional dab nails look like, well, nails, bucket bangers act as vessels that hold the concentrate while maintaining contact with the heat source.

Bucket Bangers can be used for cold start hits or for regular dabs. Bucket Bangers heat up quickly are great for dabbing at lower temperatures and can be used with a plethora of inserts , like bucket inserts, terp pearls, diamond knot cores and more to maintain the desired temp throughout the dabbing experience.

The are many variations of Bucket Bangers, such as Round Bottom, Opaque, Core, Beveled and more.

Banger specifications

Joint size: 10mm
Joint angle: 90 Degree
Joint gender: Male

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