Crossing Upgrade Cartridge Filling Machine 50ml Capacity Handheld semi Automatic Heating cart Filler Gun



  • Efficiency: The cart liquid filling machine can fill up to 50 (1ml) units in just 5 minutes and change oils in just 60 seconds
  • Easy to read dial sets your volume in 1ml increments. Our semi-automatic gun for cartridge filling allows you to control the oil volume with precision. 
  • Protect Your Product: The cartridge filling machine is built to protect your oil. Our revolutionary Annular Heat Barrel is designed with an annular air space surrounding the oil barrel. That air is what is heated which prevents the oil from ever coming in direct contact with any heating elements and burning
  • Package and Customer Service: The kits comes with deluxe paper and one year warranty, please contact the manufacturer refund full money or replacement if you don't like them any time and you don't need return the unit to us or amazon.


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