R600 R600A R290 refrigerant recovery pump CMEP-OL

Size: used/refurbised


CMEP-OL oil free explosion proof refrigerant recovery machine is specially designed for light hydorcarbon refrigerants,such as R32,R600A and R290,etc.It's suitable for the service of household A/C,fridge and oil extraction.
Product Features: 
Specially designed for HC refrigerantion(R600/R600A/R290/R32,ect.)
1 HP OIL-FREE Dual cylinder high efficiency compressor
designed strictly according to the standard of ExdiiAT3
UL certified explosion-proof motor
Stainless steel design of compressor,condenser,pipes
Compliance with food safety grade material PTFE
UL certification and Patents pending
Long time running sustainingly up to 24 hours
One year warranty

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