Vibes Rolling Papers King Size Cubano Rice Cone Ultra-Thin Made from Natural Rice Paper Chlorine Free (Rice)



  • 🍃 VIBES CUBANO: Pre-roleed cones are some of the thinnest papers available. Blend is made unbleached wood pulp resulting in a transparent appearance.
  • 🔥 SLOW AND EVEN BURN: The high quality materials and exceptional watermark created by artisan craftsman in Dominican republic makes paper to burn even and slow
  • 😎 KING SIZE CUBANO: One of the largest available sizes in the category it hold up to 8 grams of ground herb material
  • 🇫🇷 MADE IN FRANCE: The Vibes rolling paper is made in France and then transported to Dominican republic to be cut watermarked and packaged
  • CHEMICALS FREE: The Cubano like other Vibes family is made with no added calcium carbonate and uses natural acacia tree gum

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